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How we gather and use data.

Data Protection Policy

This data privacy, protection and cookie policy describes your privacy rights regarding Juni’s (“we”, “us” or “our”) collection, use, storage, sharing and protection of your personal information. This policy applies to our website and all related sites, applications, services and tools regardless of how you access or use them. It will help you understand how we use your information and what we do with it. Services that are outside the control of Juni are will not have this policy apply to them. We are passionate about handle all data we receive in strict adherence to the relevant data protection laws. Your consent will be required for the use of data as described in this Policy To use our website or any of our products or services, your consent is required for the use of your data as described in this Privacy Policy


In our everyday business operations Juni Ghana Limited makes use of a widerange of data about identifiable individuals. This includes data about current,past and prospective employees, customers, users of its websites,subscribers and other stakeholders. In collecting and using this data, the organization is subject to somelegislations which govern how such activities may be carried out and thesafeguards that must be put in place to protect it.This control applies to all systems, people and processes that constitute theorganization’s information systems, including board members, directors,employees, suppliers and other third parties who have access to Juni Ghana Limited systems.

Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy

The Data Protection Act, 2012

The Data Protection Act, 2012 is one of the most significant pieces oflegislation affecting the way that Juni Ghana Limited carries out itsinformation processing activities. Significant fines are applicable if a breachis deemed to have occurred under the Data Protection Act, which is designedto protect the privacy of the individual and personal data by regulating theprocessing of personal information, to provide the process to obtain, hold, use or disclose personal information and for related matters. It is Juni GhanaLimited’s policy to ensure that our compliance with the Data Protection Actand other relevant legislation is clear and demonstrable at all times.

Principles Relating to Processing of Personal Data

The Act provides a set of standard principles that must be complied with byall who process personal information across the country and beyond. The lawapplies to all forms of personal data or information stored on both electronicand non-electronic platform and Juni is not an exception.The Act is premised on the fundamental rule that all who process personal data must take into consideration the right of that individual to the privacy ofhis or her communications. This recognition by a data controller or processor then leads to the application of the following Eight (8) Basic Principles whiles processing such information.


Lawfulness of Processing

Specification of Purpose

Compatibility of Further Processing with Purpose Of Collection

Quality of Information


Data Security Safeguards and Data Subject Participation

We ensure that we comply with all of these principles both in theprocessing it currently carries out and as part of the introduction of newmethods of processing such as new IT systems. The operation of aninformation security management system (ISMS) that conforms to theISO/IEC 27001 international standard is a key part of that commitment.

Rights of the Individual

The rights of the data subjects and others specified in the Act must besupported by appropriate procedures within Juni Ghana Limited.Some of these rights are as follows

Right to information on their personal information collected and stored

Right to objection or request for restriction

Right to object to automated decision making

Right to request rectification and modification of Personal Informationwhich Juni keeps

Right to request for data deletion

Right to request the movement of data from Juni to a third party, thatis, the right to the portability of data

Right to object to, and to request that Juni restricts the processing oftheir information

Privacy by Design

We have adopted the principle of privacy by design and ensures that thedefinition and planning of all new or significantly changed systems thatcollect, or process personal data is subject to due consideration of privacyissues, including the completion of one or more privacy impactassessments.

The privacy impact assessment includes:

Consideration of how personal data is processed and for what purposes

Assessment of whether the proposed processing of personal data isboth necessary and proportionate to the purpose(s)

Assessment of the risks to individuals in processing the personal data

What controls are necessary to address the identified risks anddemonstrate compliance with legislation

Use of techniques such as data minimization and pseudonymization isconsidered where applicable and appropriate.

Breach Notification

It is Juni Ghana Limited’s policy to be fair and proportionate whenconsidering the actions to be taken to inform affected parties regardingbreaches of personal data. Where a breach is known to have occurred whichis likely to result in a risk to the rights and freedoms of individuals, the DataProtection Commission (DPC) will be informed appropriately. This will bemanaged in accordance with our Information Security Incident ResponseProcedure which sets out the overall process of handling information securityincidents.

Addressing Compliance to the Data Protection Act

The following actions are undertaken to ensure that Juni Ghana Limitedcomplies at all times with the accountability principle of the Data ProtectionAct:

The legal basis for processing personal data is clear and unambiguous

All staff involved in handling personal data understand theirresponsibilities for following good data protection practice

Training in data protection has been provided to all staff

Regular reviews of procedures involving personal data are carried out

Privacy by design is adopted for all new or changed systems andprocesses

The following documentation of processing activities is recorded

Organization name and relevant details

Purposes of the personal data processing

Categories of individuals and personal data processed

Categories of personal data recipients

Personal data retention schedules

Relevant technical and organisational controls in place

These actions will be reviewed on a regular basis as part of the managementreview process of the information security management system.

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Acceptable Use Policy

Once you accept to use any of Juni Ghana Limited’s (Juni’s)services, you have agreed to comply with the provisions of this Acceptable Use policy.


Please desist from using Juni’s website and all other related applications for any purposes that

Is deemed to be fraudulent, predatory and illegal

Is in contravention with any government laws or promotes violation of same by third parties

Violates the regulation of any of our Card and Mobile Money partners

Poses reputational damage risk to us or any of our partners

Results in the risk of penalties, damages and other adverse financial implications

Prohibited Business Categories

The following business activities, products and services may not be used to interface with Juni’s website and all of its associated platforms.

The unauthorized sale, distribution and dissemination of all forms of licensed intellectual property

All activities that constitute an infringement on the proprietary rights of Juni.

The unauthorized sale of products that have illegally imported or exported

The promotion and sale of counterfeit products and services.

The promotion and sale of ammunitions, weapons, weapon accessories, and all other explosives.

The promotion and sale of pornography and all forms of pornographic content

The sale and resale of a service that does not afford any added benefits to the buyer.

The unlicensed aggregation of funds, and any attempt to obfuscate theorigin of funds.

The sale of all prohibited drugs

Engagement in network marketing, and all forms of multi-level marketing schemes

All other activities that will constitute an illegality per the laws within your geographical location.

Counteractions by Juni

Juni reserves the right to take any of the following disciplinary actions, once per our discretionary conviction, actions taken by you are in violation of this policy with or without notice to you.

Blocking the transaction in question.

Suspending, restricting and terminating your access to our services.

Termination of our business engagements with you, with no liabilities to Juni.

Legal action against you.

Fees, damages and charges that must be paid on notice.

Contacting and disclosing information related to such violations to

persons who have sold/purchased goods or services from you,

any banks or Card Networks involved with your business or transactions,

law enforcement or regulatory agencies, and

other third parties that may have been impacted by such violations;

Juni also reserves the right update, modify and make changes to our Acceptable Use policy at any time.

Continuous usage denotes your acceptance of all modifications made. Kindly
visit this page often, with the date of last update as reference to keep yourself abreast with all issues.

Please do not use any of Juni’s services if you do not agree with any of these provisions and terms of use.

Kindly contact for any clarifications you may seek.