Hello, Welcome to Juni Pay

There are a few more things to finish up before your customers can start paying you online. Kindly follow these guides to help you setup

Activate your account
Setup JuniPay
Integrate JuniPay

Access Authentication Information

You will need these IDs in order to connect to our system.

Payment Form

The Junipay button can be embedded on your website by your developer team to enable your customers make payment. This button will be clicked to open the payment form iframe.

The payment form can be integrated in 5 easy steps;

  1. Import the inline.js file into your web page.
  2. <script src="https://api.junipayments.com/js/inline.js"></script>
  3. Generate JWT (JSON Web Token) with your secret and token link. Learn More
  4. Copy and paste the payWithJunipay() function from the documentation page to your webpage. Then update attributes as needed and assign the generated token to the key attribute in the setup object.
  5. Assign the payWithJunipay() function to the button you want to trigger the payment form with.
  6. Start receiving money.

We provide 3 different color variations of the form.


Direct API Access Keys

Junipay APIs use public and private keys for authentication. Either provide your own keys, or we can generate them for you.

Note: You will have to be approved to use our APIs.